Depression is a common condition, and many people may experience it at least once in their life.

For some it may come and pass quickly without any professional help, whereas for others, depression may be more of a problem – it may last longer or come back multiple times – in these cases, it may require treatment.

Depression often occurs because of life stresses such as bereavement, relationships difficulties, life transitions or financial problems. Sometimes, there is no obvious reason for someone becoming depressed; often there is a combination of biological and socio-emotional factors, however for some people the problem becomes far worse, preventing an individual from leading a normal life. It can create feelings like hopelessness, fear, guilt, despair, and worthlessness. You may cry lots, or be unable to cry, you may have lost interest and enjoyment in things that may have bought you joy. If you feel you identify with this, the good thing is depression is treatable. I can provide a highly specialised and tailored therapy to help support you in understanding your depression. To work through the conscious and less-conscious issues that are maintaining your depression and work towards living a more positive and fulfilling life.

I will work in collaboration with you and identify the root of your depression and emotional responses, in a supportive and non-judgemental environmental. Together we will explore where necessary changes around your thoughts, emotional responses and behaviours that are halting you in being your best.

I am committed to your privacy, only leave non-confidential, genetic information.

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