Traumatic events can happen at any age and can cause long-lasting harm. When our ability to respond to a perceived threat is overburdened, we become traumatised. Following such traumatic occurrences, many of us carry varied degrees of trauma in our bodies and psyches, and trauma can damage us in ways that may not manifest for years.

Everyone’s experience of trauma is different, and the cause of trauma can be so varied, from witnessing harm to someone, to being harmed yourself. You could be affected by trauma in a family or community, bullied, harassed, or discriminated. As an Integrative Therapist I combine a variety of approaches, including the latest neurobiological and psychological insights to effectively help resolve trauma.

Trauma can also result from any form of abuse; sexual, financial, physical, emotional, or psychological. Such abuse can leave survivors with psychological wounds that are harder to heal than bodily wounds. Your world can be hurled into crisis and chaos.

Whether you were an adult or a child when it happened, abuse can have big impacts on your health, relationships, and overall life. Some of your symptoms may include experiencing flashbacks and nightmares, panic, anger, and loneliness.

I will offer you a safe and confidential space to be able to feel understood, heard and importantly believed. Psychotherapy will allow you to voice your untold story and gradually allow you to reassemble your life and begin to put the pain of your abuse in the past.

I am committed to your privacy, only leave non-confidential, genetic information.

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